Extended family

My daughter approached earlier in the year to produce a portrait photo for her mother in law of all of her grand children. This sounded fine until I learnt that there where 13 of them. 

I discussed the format and location with my daughter and we decided to hold the shoot in her front room which it has to be said is tiny. This was convenient as some of the kids were very young and the parents could relax for a while. 

I decided to shoot each child in turn and then photoshop them all into one panorama. The background was a large white backdrop fixed (ahem) to the wall. 

Predictably the shoot turned into mild chaos as we tried to get each child to perform on the make shift background in front of five flashes. In the end we managed to get shots of all the children and even the really shy ones. 


We did try a few group shots but it was impossible to get them all looking the right way and happy all at the same time !

Back in front of the computer to start putting all of the shots together. I was very happy with the results of the individual images and I had to work out the best way to combine them together. 


I decided to bunch them all together and over lap them using photoshop. The final result was printed to a special order 95 x 32cm size to fit a purpose brought frame.

Portrait Pano

The final piece was very well received when delivered and now stand pride of place above the fire place.