Extended family

My daughter approached earlier in the year to produce a portrait photo for her mother in law of all of her grand children. This sounded fine until I learnt that there where 13 of them. 

I discussed the format and location with my daughter and we decided to hold the shoot in her front room which it has to be said is tiny. This was convenient as some of the kids were very young and the parents could relax for a while. 

I decided to shoot each child in turn and then photoshop them all into one panorama. The background was a large white backdrop fixed (ahem) to the wall. 

Predictably the shoot turned into mild chaos as we tried to get each child to perform on the make shift background in front of five flashes. In the end we managed to get shots of all the children and even the really shy ones. 


We did try a few group shots but it was impossible to get them all looking the right way and happy all at the same time !

Back in front of the computer to start putting all of the shots together. I was very happy with the results of the individual images and I had to work out the best way to combine them together. 


I decided to bunch them all together and over lap them using photoshop. The final result was printed to a special order 95 x 32cm size to fit a purpose brought frame.

Portrait Pano

The final piece was very well received when delivered and now stand pride of place above the fire place. 

Bobby Dazzler

Friends of ours recently got a new dog and they went for a Poodador or Labradoodle if you will !

The shoot took place in the back garden as he is still a puppy and it gave me the space to get low and get some worms eye shots of Bobby. He was lively to say least but great fun and was always on he move. 

After some action shots, we set up a background and some lights to try and get a nice studio type shot. This proved difficult though as we had thoroughly wound hime up for an hour before hand. 

Still we managed to get some great shots and needless to say, our friends are very happy.....

Weekend Spa Treatment

I was lucky enough to be at the Belgian Grand Prix this year. It was my first trip to the Spa Francochamp circuit and it proved to be an amazing experience. The track has steep elevation all the way round and our group managed to walk the circuit all 3 days. There were plenty of places to grab photos of the cars and there was the usual array of colourful characters to catch the lens. 

Going Aerial

I have always liked to get different angles in my photography and shooting over your subject is always great for getting a positive reaction. I used to use a radio mast tripod that extended to 10m high. It was a bit heath robinson but got the job done. An example of which is below. 

However times have moved on and now with the UAV easily accessible, I can now get shots from a lot higher up. I have been using a DJI Phantom 2 with a GoPro 4 Black connected to a Zenmuse 3 -3D Gimbal to experiment. I recently went to Porsche Chester and took the following images. 

The quality now coming out of the GoPro is excellent considering the size of the sensor and the dynamic range has improved greatly. I'm looking forward to using this technique to capture some great images. 


I approached a family member recently to take some photos of his Harley Davidson Ultra Classic motorbike. The approach was a bit of a cover story as my wife and I wanted to give him a photobook for his birthday. 

The pretence was that I was taken the photos for my website portfolio. He agreed and we headed out to his house on a rainy Saturday. 

I knew that the space was going to be limited because of the way the bike is stored and it was too wet to take it out for a ride. 

Photoshop was going to be my saviour and all I wanted were the shots of the bike lit by flash and then I would change the background in Photoshop. 

You can see the results below and the book is on it’s way to him. I hope he likes it. 

MINI Shrewsbury Run to the Sun 2015

I was invited to go along with the great staff at MINI Shrewsbury to photograph the annual Run to the Sun. The destination is Black Rock Sands in Porthmadog North Wales.

There were 50 Minis representing the entire model range and the oldest car going back to 2002. After leaving the dealership in Shrewsbury we headed to Bala for a quick pit stop and then on though Snowdonia to Porthmadog. The cars assembled in a reserved area for the event and pretty soon there were barbecues and rounders in full swing. Although windy, the sun was out and everyone had a great time. 

We had a great day and had the chance to try out some drone video using a DJI Phantom 2 with a Gopro 3 attached. This culminated in a group shot where we assembled 32 cars to make the name MINI. You can see the shots below. 

A massive thanks to all who attended and roll on next year. 

Sinclair Condiments

I approached Nik Sinclair with a view to providing some product shots for his website. Nik makes a fantastic range of Sauces and condiments based in Milton Keynes. 

Nik then contacted me with a rush job before an important trade show. I was able to collect sample products as 18.00 pm and Nik had the final images by lunchtime the next day. 

The images were used on advertising cards to be handed out at the event.